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Bar food is provided by Delia’s Canary Catering

Red Card Comedy Club
Friday 31st January 2020 Menu


Crispy Chicken Wings, Hot Sauce, Slaw and Fries

Chilli Beef Burrito, Slaw and Fries

Taco Bean and Avocado Burrito, Slaw and Fries

Scampi, Tartare Sauce and Fries



Gunn Club Fries




£1.00 each




For allergen information, please ask a member of staff. Please note we do not work in an allergen-free environment and traces of any allergen may be present.
Delia’s Canary Catering reserves the right to amend the above menu without notification.

The Compere

The Compere is the glue that holds the night together and we have the best in the country regularly playing for us. They’ll chat with you, have a laugh with you (not at you or at your expense) and they introduce the acts. The Compere will also ask you to switch your mobiles off or to silent and they ask you not to chat with your mates when the acts are on stage. We want everyone to enjoy the show but a table chatting can spoil the show for others around you. Save the chat for the break is all we’re asking.


It’s part of stand up comedy but there’s a fine line between the odd funny heckle to persistent unfunny heckles. The comedians playing the night have sets to perform in a given time, so interruptions can disrupt them and you might not get the full set they planned.

The Acts

At Red Card Comedy Club we firmly believe that traditions should be upheld and as such we have run our club the proper way, bringing you 4 brilliant acts, your Compere will host proceedings and present 3 acts with a break to get to the bar or toilet after each act. Simple. Why complicate it or penny pinch by bringing you less?


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